A New Economic Recovery and Innovation Board

The Secretary of State used to chair the Productivity Board.
My proposal is to repurpose this board as an Economic Recovery and Innovation Board.

There are many ideas that have surfaced since the economic collapse brought on by Covid-19. From the Green New Deal to Local Currency Ideas, I believe there should be a place within the executive branch that brings together workers, the unemployed, employers, and small business owners, to hear about real problems of real people, and not just the concerns of the corporate big money.

We have a brief moment to harnass the recovery for the greater good. Now is the time to seize this moment.

Investing in next generation technology can go right or wrong, and having leadership and innovation in the executive is very important, if Washington is to compete in the next century.  We have the talent in the private sector. So why are those in government continuously helping to outsource our jobs oversees?

I have a small business perspective, and I’m working to keep Washington Jobs in Washington.


Ideas that could be explored in the Productivity Board:

1. Green New Deal Projects

2. Infrastructure, High Speed Rail for example

3.UBI – Universal Basic Income

4. Business Concierge

News on Green Investing for a Green Recovery



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